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How 3D Technology is Transforming Orthodontics

How 3D Technology is Transforming Orthodontics
Posted on 03/02/2020
3-D Imaging

This past December 2019, we replaced our traditional 2-D Xray machine that had served us well for many years with a Cone Beam 3-D imaging system.  I knew that the images would be valuable for our most challenging treatment involving impacted teeth and severe jaw discrepancies, but I did not appreciate that it would benefit all of our patients with a more accurate diagnosis that makes me more confident in the treatment plan that is created for each patient.

What Happens During 3D Imaging?

A quick and painless procedure that is non-invasive, a 3D image requires only that you stand still in the position our dental technician places you in for about 12 seconds. As you gently bite down, the machine will move around your head to deliver a thorough image of your head, jaw and neck.

Benefits of Using a 3D X-Ray

PlanmecaWe use 3-D imaging because of the numerous benefits that this technology provides. These 3D images can be obtained in just a few seconds, making them perfect for children with shorter attention spans.  Our machine with Ultra Low Dose Technology offer a reduced amount of radiation exposure while delivering better quality images when compared to traditional x-rays.  The amount of radiation from our 3-D image is comparable to the traditional 2-D images that orthodontists have been using for many years.  However, the information we obtain is thousands of time greater.

  • Diagnostic Accuracy: Three-dimensional scans can catch problems 2D scans simply can’t by differentiating between many types of tissue. Pathology, infections, and abnormal sinus anatomy and joint dysfunctions can all be properly visualized and identified with 3D imaging. This means patients are properly diagnosed the first time and can get appropriate help much sooner than they would with previous methods.
  • Non-Intrusive:  The 3-D imaging can scan your entire head without you needing to do anything. This is especially helpful for patients with particularly sensitive gums or teeth, as well as pediatric patients.
  • Lower Cost: Going to a third-party imaging center for a medical CT scan can be extremely expensive and medical CT scans have much higher radiation. Bringing in a 3D Cone Beam Imaging machine to our office provides all the technology in one place, eliminating the middle-man and saving you money ant time.
  • Short Scan Time: A typical 3D CBCT scan takes around 12 seconds to complete, meaning we can see and solve problems more quickly than ever.

The short answer is this: 3D dental imaging is well on its way to becoming the new standard of dental care. We have always prided ourselves as being a leader in new technology since 1994.  This incredible technological advancement allows us to see your mouth in a way never previously possible with traditional X-rays.