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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Orthodontic Treatment

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 09/18/2018
DIY Braces

Some online orthodontic companies (like Smile Direct Club, Candid, Smile love, Snap Correct) make their treatment sound so easy. Perhaps you take a selfie and/or an impression of your teeth or get your teeth scanned. Next, you receive aligners in the mail and after so many months - straight teeth! Right? What else is there to think about?

Before you decide to proceed with a direct-to-consumer orthodontic company, there are a number of factors and questions you may want to consider? For example, in some instances, direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies do not involve the in-person evaluation and/or in-person supervision of your orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist.  They do not include X rays to diagnose underlying problems and do not have a plan to keep your teeth straight other than wearing their aligners for the rest of your life.  I have logged on to these web sites and asked if my implant can be moved (Correct answer = Never) and they said I should proceed with treatment.

An in-person evaluation and in-person supervision throughout treatment is very important, because there is more to creating a healthy, beautiful smile than moving the visible portions of your teeth.  Orthodontic treatment involves the movement of biological material, which if not done correctly could lead to potentially irreversible and expensive damage such as tooth and gum loss, changed bites, and other issues.

Consider this question: What other transforming medical treatment would you undergo without an in-person, pre-treatment evaluation or ongoing in-person supervision from a medical professional?  There is a reason I had 4 years of dental school, 1 year of dental residency and 3 more years of orthodontic residency (8 years of training).  Moving teeth into a stable healthy position which looks great is difficult and takes a huge amount of training and expertise.  There is no such thing as “simple treatment”. One of my instructors wisely said “There is no simple treatment, only complex treatment we charge less for”.

If you or a loved one is considering direct to consumer treatment, have them see a qualified orthodontist first.  It is always less expensive to correct something the right way than to try to fix someone else’s problem.