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Benefits of straight teeth

Benefits of straight teeth
Posted on 04/28/2017
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Have you been thinking about getting braces? Now would be the time! Review these 10 Benefits of Straight Teeth and call us today to schedule a consultation.

10 Benefits of Straight Teeth:

1.Better Brushing 
- Overlapping teeth can trap food particles, and straight teeth allow for easier brushing/flossing. 

2. Clear Speech 
- Crooked teeth can cause many speech impediments. 

3. Easier Eating 
- Crooked, crowded teeth compromise chewing and can result in digestive issues. 

4. Less Accident-Prone Teeth 
- Protruding teeth are more prone to breaking, and protective mouthguards may not fit properly.

5.Fewer Headaches 
- Crowded teeth wear unevenly and uneven wear puts pressure on the jaw and can result in chronic headaches. 

6. Improved Gum Health 
- Better oral hygiene prevents gum disease and that means lower risk of tooth loss. 

7. Better Overall Health 
- Improved oral hygiene means less tooth decay. Tooth decay and gum disease are linked to heart disease and high blood sugar. 

8.Cost-Effective Dental Care 
- With straight teeth comes fewer severe dental health issues which mean less expensive dental treatments. 

9. Lower Risk of Soft Tissue Injury 
- Crooked teeth can push against soft tissues in the mouth that may result in cuts, sores, and infections. 

10. Increased Self-Esteem 
- Feeling good about your smile can boost confidence at work or school and even in social situations!  It has been shown that attractive smiles cause others to rate you as more intelligent.