Office Update - COVID-19

Office Contests

Brace Bucks - If you are on time for your appointment, your teeth are clean and nothing is broken, you are given a “Brace Buck” to be entered in to our monthly drawing. Wear your “Ortho Dawg” t-shirt and receive an extra Brace Buck. Five winners are chosen each month for great prizes or gift certificates.



Fun Contests Throughout the Year – Check out the winner of our Summer Selfie Contest who took a picture underwater with his “Ortho Dawg” t-shirt and his new braces. He won a $200 gift certificate for his creative effort.


Graduation Certificates – Did you know that the day you get your braces off is one of the 10 most memorable days in your life? Neither did I until I read a study about what days are most memorable. Since I read that study we have taken graduation pictures with all of our patients for the past 23 years. Graduation day is my favorite event in the office!!



Fun – Most of all we like to have a good time. We have the best patients!